Sun-child dolls

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This is a real play and dress-doll for toddlers. These dolls somewhat resemble the old-fashioned rag-dolls.
Arms and legs are sewn to the body.
A gangly-doll is a strong doll which can stand the enthusiastic handling by the very young.


The gangly-doll is available in two sizes:
a small gangly-doll of approx. 30 centimetres,
a big one of approx. 40 centimetres.

grotelijsbruinestaartenIMG 0594

Gangly-dolls are available with various hairdos
and in skin-tricots of different colours.
Price of a small gangly-doll : € 60 (inclusive of underwear)
and of a big one: € 75 (also inclusive of underwear).

Big Gangly-doll