Sun-child dolls 

Sun-child dolls are made from natural materials, with a tricot body, stuffed with sheep’s wool and dressed in clothes made from cotton, velours, flannel or wool.

Sun-child dolls are multicultural, there are different light and darker shades of skin-tricot and also different hairdos.

There are four basic models in a range that corresponds with the development of the child. The age-indications are not meant to be prescriptive, but are a general suggestion.

Please, pay special attention to the child and choose a suitable doll for him or her. Also for nine-year olds a knotted doll may be a wonderful go-to-sleep doll.


By order

In our shop you may find a doll according to your wish. Making a doll by order is possible, provided that you observe a term of delivery of at least some weeks. Please contact us through

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